Workflow Software

JobRouter is a full-featured, easy-to-use and extremely powerful all-in-one platform for creating workflow automation, electronic forms and document management solutions. It was designed to help any size organization transform their human workflow processes into dynamic web-based process applications that add visibility and control, improve efficiency, and lower costs and risk.


JobRouter Entry

Ideal for automating your first process, JobRouter Entry is an affordable entry point for any organization that wants to initiating business process management (BPM) by automating a single process. With a low entry price, JobRouter Entry allows you to get started without making a major investment. Once you have established success with an initial project, it is easy to upgrade JobRouter to add expanded capabilities and automate additional processes.

JobRouter Standard

A comprehensive business process and workflow automation platform, JobRouter Standard includes all core functionality with the option to add targeted features and modules as needed. JobRouter Standard is ideal for the organization that has a large number of users and a multi-project process improvement program.

JobRouter Professional

JobRouter Professional is an all-in-one business process and workflow automation platform that includes a comprehensive set of features with a built-in suite of professional modules. Ideal for mid-sized companies and organizations, JobRouter Professional can help to drive continuous improvement into business operations with the efficient creation of integrated process applications that solve business problems.

JobRouter Enterprise

An enterprise scale, fully featured workflow and process automation platform, JobRouter Enterprise is ideal for corporations, governments and other large organizations looking to transform their business processes. With a load balanced, clustered configuration and a master suite of modules, JobRouter Enterprise scales to connect systems, processes and people enterprise-wide with easier exception handling, continuous process improvement, and timely monitoring, reporting and insight.

Automate Any Rule

Convert any manual or paper-based procedures into automated, consistent, transparent and efficient processing of applications, forms, approvals, service reports, invoices, requests, corrective actions.

A Flexible Platform

Do things your way. JobRouter combines extensive functionality with flexibility so each organization can tailor processes to meet their unique needs.


A Cost Effective Model

In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, scalable and cost-effectively on-premise or in a cloud model.