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Document Workflow Solutions

Our solutions range from very simple workflows to the most advanced workflows, including an integration with other systems such as ERPs, accounting software, BPMs, exisiting databases, etc...  We have implemented a large number of systems inside Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs.

User-friendly organized workflows and successes in terms of cost efficiency and quality are achieved through using a system that puts a smile on our customers’ faces. Using a workflow system allows you to electronically map, monitor, and control your paper-based processes across all of your departments and company sites.

Today's Workflow can help you and your company manage documents in a secured and faster way, across multiple platforms and devices, with the auditing needed in case of a conflict.  Our workflow solutions can be document driven or process driven.  They can be triggered by multiple rules and can launch custom actions.  The most complex and advanced workflows can be build, the only limit is one's imagination.

Workflow integration to existing systems is key to the success of a company wide deployment.  Our workflow systems offer a large selection of 3rd party interfaces and connectors. Integration into all types of existing IT systems is simple. Process data may be exchanged easily with external systems and even integration with SAP and document management systems are available. In addition, Workflow’s API allows project specific integration by building individual interface modules.

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Workflow software

With an in depth rules based workflow, customize and manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements. The Workflow inbox is also accessible from the Dokmee Web and Dokmee Mobile products.

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Establish clear rules for processing documents to optimize your business processes with DocuWare Workflow Manager. It works with a high-performance user interface named Workflow Designer enabling you to easily create and edit workflows.

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JobRouter offers extensive functionality and integration capabilities to provide cost-effective delivery of process management solutions — and puts that power into the hands of process owners.

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