Secure your files in a central location to enjoy both collaboration and accessibility.

Royal Imaging has the right solution to meet your needs.

Document Management Software At It's Finest

Royal Imaging offers a number of document management software programs to streamline your business and create efficiency. Our document management systems improve workflow and information access, as well as improve customer service.

We offer solutions ranging from Windows desktop applications, to Web solutions, to cloud solutions.  You can host the documents yourself on your servers, or have Royal Imaging host it for you in a secured data center.  In both cases, you can access those documents from any device (Computer, tablet, phone, etc...)  All our systems are compatible with the latest technologies.  All of our systems can run on Mac, PC, Android tablets and phones, and IPhone and Ipad.

We make sure those document management systems are user friendly, and match the needs of our customers.  We offer free webinars, demos and trial versions of all our products.  The products we sell have been carefully selected by our document management specialists.  All those products have received multiple awards and certifications, and are considered top of the line products in their categories. 

Digital filing systems can provide valuable, time saving efforts that vastly improve your bottom line. Contact Royal Imaging today to learn more, or see more of our document management solutions.

Benefits of Document Management

  • Centralized Storage & Backups
  • Compliance Control
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Controlled Collaboration on Documents
  • Document Version Control
  • Increased Document Security

document management solutions

Dokmee is a file management software system available in desktop and web editions. Dokmee improves workflow, allows for search and retrieval of important documents, and includes email management. The web version is perfect for dynamic businesses needing access to documents on the go, at home, in the office, and on their mobile devices.

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Royal Imaging was the #1 reseller of Docuware in the USA in 2010 and 2011, and has years of experience in providing and guiding the use of the Docuware document management system. It allows you to easily archive then access a variety of document types, from emails to (document type) to (document type). Employees across your organization can access and file important documents in a flash.

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