Royal Imaging has years of experience in document data extraction solutions.


Invoice Processing

Why spend time indexing manually invoices and PO when a software can do it automatically ?

Royal Imaging offers multiple solutions to extract data from your documents like Invoices and Purchase orders. These solutions adapt to the fact that you may have hundreds or thousands of vendors with each their own invoice format.  Using a fingerprinting technology, the software can recognize and adapt to each format and extract the desired data: Invoice date, Total, Sales tax, etc...  These solutions can even do the line items on the invoices and compare that data with an existing database of prices to verify that the right prices were charges.

Our Intelligent Document Recognition solutions includes hundreds of prebuilt actions and rules, which span various document capture functions, such as multi-language recognition, document classification, validations, and business rules and formatting for business systems.  Those solutions require a lot less human interaction, resulting in much fewer errors and significant reduction in costs to process those documents.

Developers can build then test custom actions and rules that enable you to integrate capture into your network environment.  Business analysts can assemble the custom actions and rules like building blocks, into document capture applications quickly and without programming. Administrators can configure systems more quickly by importing document properties directly from repositories eliminating rework, with no programming skill required.

Other advantages from getting a Automatic Document Recognition software are: Never lose or pay an invoice twice. Get discount for vendors for paying invoices early.Trace invoices and get an instant status update. Generate financial reports.

Invoice Processing software


Datacap software can convert paper and online documents into easier to process forms of data that can be delivered via database into a variety of business applications. Datacap has a cutting edge rules engine capable of optical character recognition, noise removal, validation, and more.

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ABBYY's software understands text characters and document formatting attributes in images. ABBYY also develops data and document capture solutions such as FlexiCapture that extracts data from paper and images of documents, software development kits, linguistic software and other programs.


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