Easily Design Electronic Forms

Lower cost and improve efficiency with forms design and document workflow solutions for Adobe® PostScript® printing and electronic delivery. Objectif Lune's PlanetPress® software package allows you to add valuable dynamic content, such as text messages, graphic charts, bar codes, and images to tailor your transactional documents, with little change to your existing line data applications. You can also create a new promotional document by importing an existing PDF file and adding variable data.

Lower Production Costs

Removes the need for pre-printed forms and associated costs, as well as time spent loading forms.



Optimize Document Distribution

Documents can be printed on any printer, sent via email, faxed and indexed for archiving and retrieval using one of our document management solutions.

Increase Professionalism

Upgrades your business forms to a sleek look you can customize to your company’s branding, giving documents a more professional and personalized feel.


Send Anywhere

Forms can be retrieved and routed to any printer, email inbox or fax machine.





  • Useable on any platform with no changes needed
  • Compatible with any document type
  • Barcoding, check printing, PDF output and more
  • Complete document customization and personalization
  • Easily create or enrich variable content documents of any type
  • Printable on any printer in high volume print jobs


  • Communicate more effectively with customers
  • Turn customer communications into revenue opportunities
  • Increase business data collection
  • Automate customer communications
  • Streamline document workflows
  • Reduce document management costs


  • What is Connect Technology?

    PlanetPress 7 has been around for years. Stable, versatile, and easy to maintain in-house, our clients loved this version of our famous software. Times are changing and communication is too. PlanetPress Connect is the perfect gateway to manage complex multi-channel communication.

    Learn More
  • Engage with your customers

    Sending one-way communications efficiently is a start, but the game has changed. We are at a technological crossroad and successful businesses must adapt. PlanetPress Connect allows your audience to interact with the documents you send.

    WorkFlow Tool
  • Make your documents interactive

    Adding actionable elements to your documents allows your customers to interact with them. Insert clickable links in documents, triggering document related processes and monitoring interactions related to email clicks.

    Interactive Output