Litigation Support


Today’s litigation support uses more and more digital files. Royal Imaging is here to help you convert your cases into digital format, integrating computer files and scanned images into the litigation support software of your choice. Our fast turnaround ensures our clients a gain in productivity and responsiveness. For years we have been working with large and medium size law firms to provide them with the professionalism they deserve. Litigation support is a serious world, and nobody is more client-oriented than Royal Imaging. Your most sensitive and urgent files have never been more secured, searchable, and accessible than after digital conversion.

Imagine saving hundreds of precious work hours to look through cases, while at the same time securing your files and ensuring the confidentiality of your working documents. That is what litigation support is all about.

From large back-file conversion to urgent everyday scanning, Royal Imaging is your “fast turnaround” partner. No job is too big or too small for our production teams. We can deliver searchable databases, or integrate scanned documents with any application currently used in the legal industry. From Summation to Concordance, from IPRO to LegalKey, we do it all. Royal Imaging has years of experience of integration of digital cases into existing litigation support systems. Please inquire how we can help you answer today’s needs for a professional and reliable scanning service you can trust every day.

We build databases for the following Litigation support software: Relativity, Summation, Concordance, IPRO, and more.