Beyond Scanning

We offer many services that go beyond scanning and document imaging. Once your documents are digital, we can make them searchable based on keywords and based the contents of the document. We will also help you choose a document management software to streamline your business processes. Our team of experts assists in the planning and implementation of efficient business practices as it relates to document scanning, electronic document management, and records management.

Technical Training & Support

Need help using your new database? All Royal Imaging system solutions come with comprehensive technical support programs and training. Royal Imaging’s support center provides real-time response to questions or problems that might arise. Dial-up troubleshooting and on-site support is also available. In addition, all Royal Imaging system support agreements include full software subscriptions to ensure that your system stays current with the latest releases and improvements. We offer on-site and off-site training support for administrators and end users of all our products and services.

Box Delivery & Storage

In addition to scanning your files, Royal Imaging will provide secure box delivery services to or from your doorstep using our fleet of insured employee driven delivery vans, at the beginning and end of each scanning project. Also, Royal Imaging also offers short or long term box storage before and after your scanning project at all of it's climate controlled, restricted access production locations across the US.

Certified Shredding

Royal Imaging provides certified document shredding services at our secure production facilities. We can shred your files after scanning them or after storing them once the retention period has passed.







Get more out of your documents by creating appropriate index fields and using optical character recognition to extract text and make your documents searchable based on specified keywords and contents of the file.






PDF Conversion

We can convert any paper or electronic document into PDF format. For paper documents, we can also incorporate OCR with the image. We can OCR documents up to 100 inches x 100 inches, more than twice the limit of Acrobat 10. We can also bookmark the documents, create links, and clean up the PDFs.