Data Capture & Forms Recognition

Datacap data extraction technology automates the conversion of unstructured and physical data -- email files, PDF, Word, Excel, zipped files - into actionable insight in seconds. It eliminates physical handling and accelerates the dissemination of information throughout an organization.

Data Accuracy

Double blind data entry allows multiple, objective verification operators, ensuring only the most accurate data travels through your system. Duplicate documents can be identified and flagged or sent to an administrator for further review.


Superior Recognition Results

No more "one setting fits all" for image clean up. New ImageFix actions allow users to customize their image clean-up requirements. General actions at the batch level can be applied in conjunction with more powerful image or document specific actions.

Greater Flexibility

Expanded Rule Library makes it easier to configure an application-specific capture process tailored to meet all your needs as soon as the data enters the system.



Faster Image Processing

Datacap's new Application Wizard enables you to create a new application in just a few minutes, or new 'fingerprints' to quickly and automatically identify different pages to speed the processing of documents. Pattern Match saves time by quickly identifying similar pages, eliminating the need for full page OCR.


Easier interface with Click 'N Key OMR automatically populates field data into the verification form. Continuously monitor your workflow - new notification utilities alert operators when a problem is encountered.


Improved Compliance

Designed with compliance needs in mind, new Taskmaster Executive Service further helps meet compliance requirements by blocking access to confidential information that may be contained in the files, while the application is running.


Taskmaster 8.1

This major upgrade of Taskmaster expands the range of best of breed capture capabilities and technologies from which you can choose. This freedom of choice results in an optimal solution to meet your dynamic business needs. Taskmaster 8.1 adds support for a number of best-of-breed technologies that expand and simplify capture for end-users. All capabilities are easily configured and managed with Datacap Rules.

Write Your Own Rules

Taskmaster 8.1 now includes an intuitive rules management interface called Datacap Studio for non-programmers to configure and test capture applications. End users can now assemble and run new applications before implementing them, saving considerable time and expense. Datacap Rules enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively implement robust forms processing and indexing solutions without expensive programming.

Easier System Monitoring & Administration

New features in Taskmaster 8.1 ensure that your capture system runs continuously, without constant monitoring. You can now easily set up a system monitor to recognize specific conditions in the data capture process and automatically e-mail administrators. Real-time management and productivity reports on batches, stations or users, can be accessed remotely, even over the Internet.