Royal Cloud

Take your business to new heights by leveraging new technologies without the high costs associated with them. A breakthrough in document management technology will change the way your company distributes its information. A huge, off-site, completely secure repository of every document ever produced by your organization will ready to deliver knowledge and information anywhere in the world by a simple, secure keystroke. With a new breed of interoperability and flexibility for third-party system integration, you can take control of your documents.

Royal Cloud offers a cutting-edge solution to a problem that has plagued businesses for decades: how to manage and move the millions of documents and files of corporate information created and saved each year, volumes of information instantaneously, and distribute archived reports and images to multiple destinations in a secure environment without the capital expense of any additional hardware or software.

Ubiquitous system access and administration are the hallmark of Royal Cloud. Unlike server-based enterprise solutions, Royal Cloud provides unlimited access to unlimited viewers and can be both administered and accessed remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection, without purchasing additional software or components.

Complete Solution

Using our document scanning services, we can scan all your documents and load the images straight into Royal Cloud for storage and retrieval. Royal Cloud is a complete document management software inluding the most advanced features such as: annotations, workflow, version control, multi-level security, audit, and much more. Royal Cloud is fully compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile phones. Come discover today the document management solution that does not require any IT personnel on your side.

An Economical Alternative

Get all the benefits of a document management solution without the upfront cost! Royal Cloud works on a monthly subscription rather than a purchase of the software. Pay a low monthly fee and use Royal Cloud anywhere you are. Save even more by signing up for a yearly plan.

Mobile Connectivity

With Royal Cloud, access your documents anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile apps to retrieve important documents on-the-go in a flash. You can also approve documents in Workflow on the go. Email large documents by just sending a link, therefore saving on your data plan. Apps available for Iphone, Ipad, Android phone and tablets, and Windows phones. Call us today to learn more about Royal Cloud and mobile applications.