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Document Management Software


Modernize Your Office

If you are a medium to large sized organization with years of paperwork behind you, you know how burdensome it is to find files and manage information. You’ll encounter storage and space issues, as well as looking for the same file over and over again.

Audit Your Paperwork Needs

Determine how much paperwork you have that needs to be managed. Royal Imaging can outsource any job or come to your place of business to help you sort through and manage your paper.

Choose The Right Document Management Software

Now that you have a handle on your paper problem, you need to select a document management software suite. There are a number of great programs to choose from, such as Dokmee and DocuWare. To get the most out of your document management system, you need to create procedures so your organization accesses and files information correctly. Make sure your HR department, legal department, and financial department are complying with the necessary internal procedures. Your document management software will help you create a workflow to facilitate this.

Foster A Digital Culture

Old habits die hard, and if your company was entangled in a paper-heavy culture, your printers and scanners will still be lighting up far more frequently than they have to in the first weeks. Your document management software may have a print management component. You can also encourage employees to “print” files as PDFs, which will make them easy to incorporate into your document management system. Create backups of files on CDs, encourage emailing of files, and use programs like Dropbox or Google Drive to share information across organizations.