Who Should Handle Document Management?

No matter how large your business, all your employees in each department rely on document management. Everyone needs access old records or confidential documents at some point, if not on a daily basis. You need to get all of the information in one place, so that the appropriate people can access it. But which department should handle it?

Many of your departments have an area of expertise that extends to some area of document management. The tech department probably has great ideas for digitizing your content, and how to store it online. Your legal team wants it organized according to type of document, and level of confidentiality. If you have a compliance department, they’ll have a few things to say about organization as well. Busy administrative team members dread the day someone makes information governance their responsibility, on top of their mountain of other administrative duties.

As a matter of fact, none of your employees want to add document organization to their to-do list. Yet members of every team would have to be involved in getting your documents organized, to develop an organizational scheme that worked across multiple platforms, met the standard for E-discovery, and kept everything nice and tidy.

“It’s not my department!” your employees will object. And they’re right. But whose department is it? Professional document management companies are the only entities qualified to handle your business’s mass of information. They’ll scan all your paper documents, and store them on the same platform as all the electronic documents, e-mails, and files.

Besides the immediate organization difficulties, document management professionals can solve problems you didn’t know you had. Professional scanning isn’t just for normal documents. You can scan bulkier documents – blue prints, weighty reference materials, large maps – anything your employees need to consult can get out of the way and into whichever storage system you choose.

To access the material stored as part of your company’s new information governance policy, your employees can access a shared hard drive, or a cloud-based storage system. You have the option to choose what kind of search process would work best for your documents. 
What’s more, a company that works in document management exclusively has the resources to quickly scan and digitize all your company’s paper documents. Not only will this process not take away from your employee’s productivity, the whole process can be done in a tiny fraction of the time it would take your employees.

Your employees have their jobs, and the document management professional have theirs. Information governance allows everyone to focus their workday on what they do best. Contact our Los Angeles document management office or any of our other national document management offices to learn more!

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