Eco-Friendly Document Storage

Eco-Friendly Document Storage

You recycle the paper goods you no longer need in your home, so why not at the workplace? Your workplace probably already has initiatives in place to create less waste. It’s in your company’s best interest to make your operations greener.

Paper doesn’t hold up well over time. Eventually your records will become yellow and damaged. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes clear resources your company put into document storage have gone to waste. That kind of waste doesn’t just hurt your bottom line. It’s also detrimental to the health of the planet.

When you have documents destroyed in a timely manner, they can get recycled, and find new life as an object made from recycled goods. Get rid of your confidential documents and let them have a new life as environmentally responsible construction material. Don’t let confidential or other essential documents end up in the trash, potentially compromising confidential information. If you enlist the help of professional document management services, you can rest assured your documents will be disposed of in a manner that’s both secure and beneficial to the environment.

Once you have all the documents you no longer need destroyed and out of sight, think about what you can do to prevent so much paper from piling up in the first place. Printing important documents to put them in a filing cabinet is wasteful in more ways than one. Instead of printing out an e-mail to file it, why not keep it in electronic format? With professional document management, electronic documents will never have to face internment in a filing cabinet. File your electronic data using the same filing system as your scanned documents, for easy searches.

There are even more incentives to keep document management stored in a cloud or on a shared server – documents that don’t have to be disposed of in paper form don’t require a disposal service to drive a truck to your business to pick up the shredded material. The less gasoline burned the better. 
What about other print information do you have stored in your office space? Some documents, like books, or large format documents, might seem too cumbersome for the average scanner. But LA document management companies (and many other cities besides) can use large format scanners, adding even more documents to the pile that can get recycled and repurposed.

Saving the planet doesn’t just mean creating less waste. It’s also a good idea to take stock of what existing material would be better off at a recycling plant.

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