Using the Cloud for Backup

Using the Cloud for Backup

If you want your company’s information to be ironclad, put it on a cloud. Does it sound counterintuitive to rely on something so lightweight? Think of it this way: its fluffiness allows it to hover above the occasional chaos of the office place.

Cloud-based storage separates your business from any physical ties to an office or a building. In the event of a natural disaster, you can access your business’s information from the cloud. Should a human error compromise your data, the fallout doesn’t mean disaster for your company. Floods, fires, earthquakes, hard drive crashes – nothing has to stand between you and the information that your business needs to function.

No matter what happens to your office building, or your hard drive, or your system files, your employees should be able to get to access important data, and quickly. With a cloud-based data management system, you can opt to have a cloud-based data recovery plan in place. That way, all of your information can be recovered within a matter of hours. The length of recovery time depends on which type of cloud storage system you plan on using.

You don’t need a hacker or a technical savant to being the recovery process. Your electronic record management or document management system will provide a straightforward computer interface, so you can begin recovery as soon as you discover information has been lost. This process will not only save you stress, but allow your company to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Every type of business has information it needs to move forward - contracts, invoices, accounting information, employee records. Whatever information your business relies on, don’t expose it to the risk of a sudden hard drive crash. Cloud-based storage takes all of your data and encrypts it, making it impossible to access without a password. Once all of your data is connected to the cloud, automated backup makes sure your new information is automatically added. Your employees don’t have to worry about following any steps to make sure their work ends up stored on the cloud.

If you store your information in paper form, it is constantly exposed to risk, even when stored in an underground vault. Transporting your documents to another location poses its own set of risks. The only way to keep it truly secure is through data encryption. Not only does this make your documents more secure, but much more quickly accessible in the event of an emergency.


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