Scanning Services

We can scan any type and size of paper documents. Our scanners can handle everything from letter and legal size paper to spreadsheets and drawings. Even well logs, seismic data, photos, aerial maps, topographical maps, x-rays, engineering drawings, blueprints, etc. can be processed. The original hard copy documents are sent through high-speed scanners, then through quality control, and later indexed by the unique fields that you specify so that you can query for your documents immediately from your desktop computer. Finally, the database you help design is built as an electronic filing system. Your documents can be picked up in boxes and returned to you on a CD/DVD, or hosted on an FTP site to be retrieved electronically. The originals can be re-assembled to the original state they were in when sent to us. If the originals are not needed, we can arrange for the destruction of those documents. If the customer does not have a record retention policy established, Royal Imaging Services can help develop a policy or update an existing policy to reflect current laws or industry-specific regulations.


Royal Imaging

Our parent company is a pharmaceutical company that created its own scanning operation. Because of the money saved by automating their business processes, the company decided to spin of our sister company. In 1996, Royal Imaging Services was founded in Houston, TX. We are an outsourcing company that specializes in document imaging and document management. In addition to our secure, high-volume production facilities in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, we can operate on-site at our customers’ locations. Both Royal Imaging Services and our parent company are debt-free. We have the capital to invest in equipment, manpower, and space if we experience rapid growth.

Our Clients