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Royal Imaging offers custom document scanning services for your organization’s needs. We are experts at turning your paper into digital information you can use. We image and scan documents with impeccable clarity, regardless of the document format, invoice, book, large format, etc. Once your documents are digital, we can make them indexable and searchable, and help you choose document management software to streamline your business processes.

Why pursue document conversion and management services? Our clients come to us for the following reasons:

- In paperwork heavy industries, such as law firms, paper piles up quickly while business processes and organization can’t keep up. Lacking infrastructure to digitize and organize documents, our clients find their growth hampered. That’s when they pick up the phone and call Royal Imaging to put a new system in place that digitizes and organizes files for maximum productivity and cost-efficiency. Read our case study on The Bronx Defenders to learn how we implemented a new and successful document management system for them in 3 months.

- In record oriented businesses, data piles up quickly, and if that data is stored in paper formats, its management becomes even more difficult over time. To reduce paper burdens and streamline business, these companies need to take boxes and boxes of files and make them digital, converting them into formats that are searchable by name, date, and other relevant fields. Royal Imaging helped the Dallas Zoo through this process and installed DocuWare to assist with the archiving and retrieval of half a century of documentation. We tackled similar issues with equal aplomb for Alvin Community College.

- In customer service oriented businesses, communication is essential. Whether your business is still using faxes or was for long periods of time, chances are there are great quantities of information that still haven’t made it into a searchable database. Ensuring this information is safe is a high priority for many organizations. Royal Imaging has experience in automating communication workflow and setting up systems that on one end capture documents through Optical Character Recognition and on the other make them extremely searchable and storable. Read how we guided A&E Television Networks through this process and helped them leave binders upon binders of instructions behind.

  Learn more about our capabilities by clicking a specific service below, or contact us to learn more how we can put together a custom solution for your organization that draws upon our strengths.


document scanning services

Document Imaging & Scanning


Turn decades of paper into files on your computer. Royal Imaging can assist you with your imaging needs through our document scanning services. Learn more about our process and the efficiencies it creates.


Digitizing Invoices


Royal Imaging provides document conversion services, including invoice processing and data extraction solutions, that are far superior to manual data entry in terms of speed and cost savings. Once invoices are digitized and data extracted, the data can be sent to your document management system, accounting software, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


Large/Unusual Format Scanning



Don’t let your storage format scare you away from document imaging and scanning. We scan spreadsheets, drawings, well logs, photos, maps, X-rays, circuit diagrams, engineering drawings, blueprints, photographs, books, and more. Read on to learn more about we handle various formats.

Document Web Hosting


Royal OnLine Services (ROL) allow you to access your documents on the web, from anywhere. Our system stores your documents in a secure environment while remaining extremely flexible for third party software integration. Read more about how you can revolutionize your productivity with ROL.

  Other Services:
Indexing & Cataloging Consulting

Get more out of your documents by creating appropriate index fields and using Optical Character Recognition to search documents down to the exact word. Our consultants can advise you on the tools you need for your document needs and provide implementation and support.

PDF Conversion

We can convert any paper or electronic document into the PDF format. For paper documents we can also incorporate the OCR with the image. For large documents we can OCR documents up to 100 inches X 100 inches, more than twice the limit of Acrobat 10. We also can bookmark the documents, create links, and cleanup the PDFs.

On-Site Delivery, Storage & Shredding

On-Site Delivery: As with all of our services, Royal Imaging is very flexible about service administration. We can perform scanning at our secure production facility or bring our equipment and staff to your location to perform the job on site. Royal Imaging can arrange for pick-up and delivery of your documents utilizing bonded covered vehicles. We coordinate delivery times to fit your schedule. We can also work with the courier company of your choice.

Storage and Shredding: We can arrange to archive or shred your original documents. Royal Imaging offers three options for the final disposition of your records. After conversion, we can either return the documents to you, or directly to your storage facility, or we can arrange for destruction by a certified shredding company.

Technical Training & Support

Need help using your new database, or having a problem with your database? All Royal Imaging Systems solutions come with comprehensive technical support programs and training. Royal Imaging's support center provides real-time response to questions or problems that might arise. Dial-up troubleshooting and on-site support is also available. In addition, all Royal Imaging Systems support agreements include full software subscriptions to ensure that your system stays current with the latest releases and improvements. We offer onsite and offsite training support for administrators and end-users of all our products and services. Call us nationwide at: 1-800-640-1412

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