Our History

Our parent company is a pharmaceutical company that created its own scanning operation. Because of the money saved by automating their business processes, the company decided to spin off our sister company. In 1996,
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Our Scanning Services

We can scan any type and size of paper documents. Our scanners can handle everything from letter and legal size paper to spreadsheets and drawings.
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Benefits of Imaging

Some of the most beneficial features are easy, immediate, controlled access available to multiple users. Files can be viewed directly from the CD/DVD, hosted on a shared drive/server
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Our Consulting Services

We provide turnkey consultative solutions for customers who want to perform their own document imaging, or want to share the cost by assuming a portion of the process themselves.
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Royal Imaging is


Meet our management team

Royal Imaging Environmental Sustainability Vision Statement

Environmental responsibility is at the very core of our business model.Just as we strive to help other companies reach their green potential by going paperless, we strive to employee environmentally conscious principles at every one of our offices.We believe that it is not just our choice, but our responsibility to ensure environmental sustainability.